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Kent Kirkpatrick - The Importance of the Pre Approval

The educated buyer knows the importance of a pre-approval letter when making an offer on a home purchase. And the sellers of a property know the difference between a pre qual and a pre-approval.  Premier homes that are well priced, well located, and have appealing amenities are getting significant multiple offers – there is a high demand for these properties, despite what you are seeing in the news.

In a multiple offer situation, the solid pre approval can make the difference with the Seller.  A top Loan Professional, who works closely with the Realtor, prepares the borrower for the pre-approval process by getting all of the documentation up front.  This requires some effort, but if done properly, is one of the most important steps in the home buying process.

It is a team effort between the buyer, Realtor, and the Loan Professional to get a solid pre approval completed quickly so the buyer can shop with confidence and know they are in the best position possible to get their offer accepted on the home they want to buy.

Feel free to contact me for more information on pre approvals and the home loan process.

Kent Kirkpatrick
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